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    @Hydr8gon has updated their port of Nintendo DS emulator melonDS to the Nintendo Switch. The latest version, 0.5, adds multiple new features, including taking advantage of overclocking the Switch's CPU, adding a framerate cap, and improving and fixing audio quality for certain games. Sound output is still a relatively new feature for melonDS Switch, so while it's not perfect, it has certainly improved with this new build.


    -Added Switch CPU overclocking; default off (1020 MHz), max 1785 MHz
    -Added framerate cap to prevent games that now reach full speed from going too fast
    -Somewhat fixed crappy audio (no longer choppy at full speed, but still crackles)

    Set the overclock to maximum and some less intensive games will run full speed! Others will run much faster than they did before. Be warned that maximum overclock will probably heat up your Switch more than normal and extensive use might negatively affect your system.

    :download: Download Link
    :discuss: Discussion Thread

    :arrow: GitHub
    :arrow: SwitchBru Page
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