Megaman Fangame Rock N Roll Version 1.2 release

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Dennis Engelhard released Version 1.2 of his Fangame Mega Man Rock N Roll!
It is available for Windows and Linux.

  • Fixed an screen in Endgame:Robot-Factory where Met’s could get stuck on the conveyor belt.
  • Fixed an issue where the ice-blocks in Reactor Man’s stage could appear inside a wall.
  • The refight stage could potentially have problems with resetting properly after a double-KO. This is hopefully fixed.
  • An issue about Mega Man’s second castle stage has been reported where Fireman would run away without clearing the path for you. I have not been able to reproduce that situation on my end, so I had to try and implement a failsafe without being able to check it. Please let me know if this solved the problem.
  • On the fight with the Machine (phase 1), the flying enemies that are spawned were never meant to be trapped with Ghost’s weapon (and therefore produced the wrong sprite when they were).
  • In some cases, a boss-door on ice-physics would not open until you jumped around to realign yourself with the floor. This should not happen anymore.
  • The Teleporters in Dagger Man’s section could potentially teleport you on the same frame you touched spikes, causing you to explode after the teleportation. This is fixed (in the players favor – teleporting will take priority over spikes).

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