Mega Man Powered Up/Maverick Hunter X PSP games 10 year anniversary appreciation thread.

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    Mega Man Powered Up, and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Released for the Playstation Portable (PSP) in 2006 are the only 2 Games for the system. While the counterpart of the playstation portable the Nintendo DS got more favorable games like Battle network 5, Starforce, and ZX games these two games stand out and shouldn't go unnoticed. These two games were released the same year as a combination game, similar to games like Pokemon, red and blue, Zelda oracle of ages and seasons, but each game is unique and doesn't require the other for extended play. Each game is a remake of the first of their respective series. Mega Man Powered up is a remake based on initnal first Mega Man from December 1987 on nintendo entertainment system (Famicom in Japan) And Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a remake based on Mega Man X from December 1993 for the super nintendo entertainment system, (Super famicom in japan). Anyway here is the low down.

    NOTE: The two spoilers contain information from
    About Mega Man Powered Up

    About Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

    One thing i like to point out is these two games are remakes exlusive to PSP, while the other games for systems like Nintendo ds focused on different stories all together like i said, Starforce, ZX and battle network, is curious why make only 2 games for this system and also remakes. Another curious aspect of this is the fact the remakes are based off games initnally made exclusive to nintnedo, before other console got ports, I do wonder.

    Another thing i seem to recently come across is the fact the mega man powered up has more content to offer compared to maverick hunter X, In the X game, you play as mega man, and as spoiler for anyone, once you finish the game you can unlock a movie (See description above) And play as vile. (No not zero, VILE, the bad guy who beats you in the first stage) with his own story, There is few differences like addition of hard mode, it makes the game little more challenging by adding additional actions to bosses when low on health and altered damage calculations to be in their favor. You play through the game like normal except enemies are arranged to be more difficult than with x, Items like Hearts and E-Tanks are moved to different locations, and vile has unique customization parts you aquire from defeated bosses unlike X who just take the bosses weapon or find dr. light capsules. The last fight instead of sigma is X&Zero. Now when you complete game and save, you can play the voice acting uses the cast from X8 and most of is modern style. It also includes playable demo for Powered up.

    Now Mega man powered up uses super deformed (commonly abbreivated to "SD" or CHIBI) character art style, it features a old original stage layout and gameplay mostly faithful to NES game and arranged that has a intro stage explaining back story to the game, a difficulty setting of Easy normal and hard, as well as new stages, music alternative paths and collectables and 2 additional bosses, clock man and oil man.

    Just something extra about the new bosses
    Anyway, you can play as all 8 bosses, Including Protoman and Roll who apperently has multiple playstyles unique to each costume she can wear, Megaman also can be selected to slide and use charge shots or go gearless as classic "ROCK" who attacks using kicks instead of mega buster. So that is like 11 characters. There is also challenge mode, 10 for each character with total of with the last set being special cases for total of 100. Is hard to feel like you finished the game with so much to do.

    One huge thing i wanna mention is the game has a Stage builder. Similar to mario maker you can create custom courses to play. During the game you must find stage bilder parts that can be used to build courses. They are well hidden so far you need to replay every stage with the 8 robot masters you unlock as some areas are only accessable by them specificly, making the replay value either worth it or more tedious and boring depending on the player. Just like mario maker, you can upload stages to Nintendo network to share with others? Well 10 years ago, you had the same thing with this mega man game. I checked and the server is till up and people are still playing, making, uploading and downloading stages! Stages can be made to use specific characters, specific options for mega man special weapons, end boss, or simply party ball goal and even checkpoints. Still i see is a very well thought out game and seem like more effort put into it than maverick hunter with is lack of content but both are great to try non the less.

    Anyway next year will be mega man 30 anniversary, hoping to see good things, a lot better things than everything between the last 15 years, with the mega man x7 and x8, cancelled megaman universe, mega man legends 3DS and probably something else, Ignoring fan demands for new game and favoring and prioritizing Street fighter 25 anniversary over Megaman with a simple License of a fan made game (Which i am not saying the game was bad but really capcom???) I hope to see something good. Take a lesson from Sega, they are on the right track now with Sonic mania, and the other unannounced sonic game. Perhaps a cross over should be considered sometime, and finally have the Sonic Megaman we only know about in comic books.... or Super smash bros.... maybe Project X Zone 3 :P