Meet PDI Check, a $99 eye-exam 3DS app

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What would you pay for this software?

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    I think it has to do with the stereoscopic screen on the 3DS. It's capable of showing a different image to each eye, so you can run a battery of eye isolation tests for binocular vision. From what I could see in the video the majority of the tests are for binocural perception (and disorders thereof).

    For that same reason I expect most of the tests to not run at all on 2DS devices.

    The app is not a complete diagnostic tool and doesn't pretend it will replace an optician/ophthalmologist but it could be a handy early test for potential problems. (As long as it displays a "if you failed X or more of these tests, please consult your ophthalmologist" in huge idiot-proof letters.) Doesn't return a diagnosis but points you vaguely in the right direction.

    I don't think anyone (this thread aside) expects a single user to buy this (pay $99 for a handful of tests that can be replaced by two pieces of cardboard, that he would run once and then throw away), but I can imagine a medical practitioner adding it to their toolset or field kit. I imagine being able to automate part of the screening process while you do other thingss would be valuable when you have to batch run it on a whole bunch of people.
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    Earth, bro-dude. can be written off, in one way or another.

    I didn't read anything past page 1, excluding post #61, but I'm pretty sure Aetna/Cigna would cover this "piece of "equipment"" under their basic plans at little to no cost :creep:

    (doesn't really fit, but let's Trebek some good spicyness and hope he notices before we look like jerks)