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    Sep 10, 2006
    I've been watching the news the last few months and a started being skeptical on several news bulletins, bulletins such as the movie Fitna.

    You probably have heard of the movie made by the Dutch political figure Geert Wilders. He has made a film named Fitna. It would be a film about the islam and how dangerous it is for the western civilization. You can't believe how bad this film was blown out of proportions, even our minister president spoke out crisis upon our nation.. when the film was not even released yet.. This topic is not directly about this film but more about what is happening with the differences between people and religion, or more the way the media wants you to believe in those differences.

    After the film was finally released a few weeks back, everybody thought the film was less radical then they had expected. But then reports from over the world came in about countries such as Jeman that wanted to stop selling Dutch products, they even wanted to block Dutch immigrants. There where people setting the Dutch flag on fire.. But then I though, you only see 10 people burning the flag.. so is th whole country angry? I think not, I think this is exaggerated by the media. The media only shows you what they want you to see, I even believe they pay people to burn flags so they can make a picture of it and sell it to the papers.

    Don't you think the media is giving the world a wrong view on what is really happening? Can we believe what is being shown to us?

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    I've seen Fitna and of all the so called muslims you see there I only saw one good muslim
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    I grabbed a copy yesterday and thought it was boring (much like all religious propaganda from all angles).

    As for the media it seems fear is the main objective and I take solace in the fact that I and those I know am far more dangerous (and I dare say history will back such things up: Tokyo underground: homegrown, Northern Island troubles: more or less homegrown, people like Timothy McVeigh: homegrown). Average person willing to blow themselves up (which apparently is the worst thing that can happen) tends not to rate too highly on the scale of things.

    I must say though even as an outsider I am somewhat alarmed by the rising trend towards anti intellectualism that seems to be being portrayed/endorsed by some of the more vocal (I am loathe to call them majority so I will not) of the Islamic groups: the only reason will still have the works of people like Galen (to save you are search he was a legendary ancient Greek medical doctor and is considered one of the fathers of modern medicine) is because they were in Arabic (and so under the care of Islam) while most of the Europe (read the Roman Catholic church) was running around dick in hand before stopping that and doing the whole industrial revolution bit.
    Then again if the experiences of several of my scientist and engineer friends attempting to get into the US is anything to go by the same is happening there (then again they also have their fair share of religious nutjobs: ).