Media Create Sales Japan Top 20 - Week #19

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    Here are the Media Create sales figures for Week #19 2018:

    PositionPlatformTitleGenrePublisherRelease datePriceWeekly SalesTotal SalesDifference
    01 (01)NSWDonkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeACTNintendo2018.05.03¥5.98025.886114.307-71%
    02 (02)PS4Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018SPTKonami2018.04.26¥7.98015.172179.432-62%
    03 (05)NSWSplatoon 2ACTNintendo2017.07.21¥5.98012.9662.310.403-57%
    04 (06)NSWMario Kart 8 DeluxeRCENintendo2017.04.28¥5.98010.3831.532.201-57%
    05 (03)NSWNintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety KitEDUNintendo2018.04.20¥6.9809.818158.385-70%
    06 (04)NSWKirby Star AlliesACTNintendo2018.03.16¥5.9809.414492.230-70%
    07 (07)PS4God of WarACTSony Interactive Entertainment2018.04.20¥6.9006.47398.579-61%
    08 (11)NSWThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildADVNintendo2017.03.03¥6.9805.754986.181-48%
    09 (08)PSVJikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2018SPTKonami2018.04.26¥6.9805.58079.882-65%
    10 (10)NSWSuper Mario OdysseyACTNintendo2017.10.27¥5.9804.5971.721.235-61%
    11 (09)NSWThe Snack World: TreJarers GoldRPGLevel 52018.04.12¥5.9804.31878.956-66%
    12 (13)3DSPokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra MoonRPGPokemon Co.2017.11.17¥4.9803.1251.631.988-52%
    13 (23)PS4Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Advanced EditionACTUbisoft2018.03.01¥6.0002.58151.295
    14 (12)NSWNintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot KitEDUNintendo2018.04.20¥7.9802.14643.149-68%
    15 (24)PS4Cities: Skylines - PlayStation 4 EditionSLGSpike Chunsoft2018.04.12¥5.4001.97727.066
    16 (15)PS4Far Cry 5ACTUbisoft2018.03.29¥8.4001.960133.748-55%
    17 (20)3DSAnimal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiiboETCNintendo2016.11.23¥2.7001.884407.189-53%
    18 (14)NSW1-2-SwitchETCNintendo2017.03.03¥4.9801.866443.548-66%
    19 (16)NSWArmsFTGNintendo2017.06.16¥5.9801.714405.118-61%
    20 (21)3DSDetective PikachuADVPokemon Co.2018.03.23¥4.9801.63779.050

    Hardware sales figures

    SystemThis WeekLast WeekLast YearYTDLast YTDLTD

    This week's hardware sales

    No new releases for week 19 of the Japan top 20 game software chart and sales across the board are down due to the Golden Week aftermath.
    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze stays in the top spot, despite dropping a massive 71% in sales since its debut launch.

    Same story with hardware sales, everything is down by almost half when compared to last week.

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    The Xbox one sales in Japan are so horrible lol
  2. SkittleDash

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    Oct 21, 2015
    And Nintendo still wears the crown while flipping off the peasants, Sony and Microsoft. lol
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  3. Chary

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    Oct 2, 2012
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    Hey...HEY! Is that TWO whole pixels of green in that chart this week? Wow, look at Xbox go!
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  4. TheIcarus

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    Hey at this rate the Xbox might make it over 100,000 units sold before the end of the year lol
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  5. Psionic Roshambo

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    Aug 12, 2011
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    I can't believe Donkey Kong is on this list... It was OK on the Wii-U but nothing I would call a must have game. Probably since most people who own a switch didn't own a Wii-U, so it's like a brand new game.
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  6. kprovost7314

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    In that bara manga ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    As long as the Switch has majority, I'm fine with it