Medal of Honor: Frontline (USA) Freezing with Memory Card in/Virtual Memory Card

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    So I've been having this problem with my Medal of Honor: Frontline on my Wii for the last few days and it has gotten to the point where I've tried everything (I'd like to think) and so far nothing has worked. Normally I wouldn't go making an account for a website just to ask for help but after no luck with Google I think this is my last stop.

    Anyhow, the problem is that Frontline is locking up whenever I have a memory card in with a saved game file on the card. For those familiar with MOH:F, after hitting the "Play" option on the menu I'm taken to a blank screen where the level/mission names should be. If I try to move the D-Pad down the game locks up, if I try to move it to the right I can access Load/Save/New Game but doing so does nothing as once a game is loaded the menu is still blank, if I start a new game I can play the entire first level but after beating it and saving the problem occurs again. If I press "A" on the blank screen a D-Day mission appears out of the blank space but if I try to play that it freezes on the loading screen which is black with just the loading bar.

    At first I thought this was my physical copy which I dumped awhile ago so I downloaded the game ISO from two different websites and both had the same results. I tried the Virtual memory option which only worked as I had not yet made a new savegame but once I saved the game I ran into the same problem. I've also tested this with DIOS MIOS and Nintendont and both have the same problem. So I'm stuck wondering why it's doing this and how to fix it without having to play the game without saving which would be quite a hassle.

    If anyone knows a fix or can replicate the problem on their end then please let me know, I edited the GBATemp Compatibility list for the game with the info I have just provided.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the short novel you guys are going to have to read.

    Edit: I can provide crappy phone pictures of the problem if needed if my description wasn't enough. Let me know!
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