Max # of ISOs for isoMENU

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by VashTS, Nov 4, 2015.

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    anyone know the max?

    I'm tired of using DVDmenu with its 99 limit, but it seems isoMENU just says "Invalid Game ISO" when I try with all my games. I sorted them alphabetically by folder with less than 100 per folder, I have a total of 244 over 3 folders.

    The Xkey does take the update properly - I verified this by changing MENUISO and MENUDVD to both N and it did not indicate invalid game iso. Changing just MENUISO to Y gives the error.

    I may try taking files out of the games folder and see if I can find the limit, but I'm assuming there is a limit on MENUISO games.

    EDIT: Still testing but its somewhere between 185 and 198, just gotta keep taking 1 away until it works.

    Got tired of removing 1 and nothing, now between 190 and 196 :)

    FINAL ANSWER : 190 is MenuISO limit. Better than DVDMenu I suppose, but still lame design on behalf of the Xkey team.

    OKKKKKKAAAYYYYY...I just re-organized by games and ensured there is 190...same error. WTF 0_o

    EDIT: Narrowed down to possible ISO issue - got it down to 3 candidates....maybe its an ISO error?

    FINAL EDIT: a bad ISO was causing this...*facepalm* I now have 243 games on my hdd and all is well.
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    Welp, you pretty much fixed it yourself ;p
    As far as I know, MenuISO doesn't have a limit, seeing a mate of mine has over or close to 200 games on his 2 TB and someone I know has 3 x 2 TB harddisks plugged into one Xkey.

    Don't forget to patch each and every backup!
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