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    Jan 3, 2016
    Hi guys I have a old3ds 8.1 or something, It had the issue with the top screen( the same on every model flex ribbon busted) so I bought a new screen, installed and everything cool right?....nope when I was reassembling it the touch screen flap( the little plastic thingie that holds the touch screen ribbon) flew away like the wind, so I ordered a new one, took it to get it installed but touch screen doesn't work, took it again and supposedly it was well soldered,so maybe the flap came defective. So my question is, Is there any way to solder some cables to the 4( I guess?) points in the motherboard where the touch screen flap is soldered? and can I solder said cables to the ribbon, or find a way to make it work?

    Thanks for your wisdom on this.