Mass Effect: Jacob's Story Coming to iPhone

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    "Mass Effect certainly is moving to multiple platforms -- just not the one you might have been expecting. A Joystiq reader recently took a survey about an upcoming Mass Effect app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and according to the survey, this portable Mass Effect will feature Jacob Taylor, 'a biotic-powered super-soldier who stumbles across a plot to terrorize civilization's greatest beacon of hope.'

    The mobile game will feature top-down shooter combat and a stylized, cartoonish look. The survey notes that Jacob's Story will function as a predecessor to the upcoming Mass Effect 2, revealing some of the backstory of characters featured in the console game. The handheld adventure would be about two hours long and cost $2.99.

    Depending on the success of this first mobile adventure, EA and BioWare would look into expanding the Mass Effect game into an entire series. The survey also mentions the possibility of mobile games based on the Dragon Age universe.

    We're certainly intrigued by this expansion of the Mass Effect universe, but we can't help but wonder why EA and BioWare would limit it to just the iPhone audience. We're pretty certain DS and PSP owners wouldn't mind a portable Mass Effect experience either. We've contacted EA and BioWare for more details, and will update the post if/when they respond to our inquiries."

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    Screw the app I just want to press the Mass Effect 2 button.
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    where I'm from
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    Haha, well, it'll probably suck, but if it serves as a prequel, then I may play it to get some story.