1. ilovengage

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    May 1, 2005

    I've got a Flash2Advance flash card and would like to play the GBA Mario Tennis on it. Is it possible to use the created character on the GameCube version with the GC GBA connectivity? I know it's working with the real copy of the game, but I wonder if it works with the rom on a flash2advance card. It's not working with the Pokémon games, but I assume that's because they use 128KB SRAM and you have to patch it to use 64KB to get it working on the flash2advance.
    However, Mario Power Tennis uses 32KB SRAM and I don't hink it requires patching, so would it be possible to connect it to the Cube version?
    I would try it if I'd access to my Wii but I'm going on holiday the next week and getting the Wii after it and I could play Mario Tennis over the holiday if the connection would work [​IMG]

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