Mario & Luigi: PiT freezes at the top of yoshi's island

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Im playing it on a supercard. I've patched it using the lastest patching program. I've done it both with the normal settings i use (trim rom, restart, faster play and enable patch card access) and ive tried it without trim rom and restart. and also without the options on the options screen (without real time saving and restart on that screen). I am using cheats (that do work). It's the US version also.

    Any idea why this occurs? i read on another forum that using those settings (or rather, not using the trim and additional option settings) that everything will work fine and it wont freeze. But its still freezing for me every time the big fat purple dinosaur comes on screen.

    My question is how do i fix this? or if nobody knows, is the easiest option to convert the save to an emulator to get past that section and then convert it back to keep playing on my DS?

    EDIT: i've tried playing the game on the no$gba emulator and my saves wont load. so i dont think thats an option. ive got the damn freezing problem with castlevania: PoR too. its damn frustrating.