Mario Kart Wii, Leagues interest?

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    Hey all,

    just thought i'd make a topic to gauge the interest in possibly setting up some region based leagues for Mario Kart Wii.

    I'm a huge fan of online gaming leagues, and obviously the Wii's online doesn't allow for a great deal of freedom or choices, so i thought that people would like to come together and make some solid, honest leagues together.

    I'm not sure how we'd sort it yet, but if someone in the graphic design field would be interested in making a solid website for it, i'd be more than willing to pay for the hosting and domain name costs, most likely if the leagues get enough interest to warrant such a thing.

    For the time being, we could run the league from the forums, either here or at blackcats.

    The way i see it, you'd need the following regions covered:

    USA League
    Japan League
    Europe League
    Aussie/NZ League

    There'd need to be a leader or 2 for each region, to run things, organize the setup, put down the official race results etc etc.

    Now, i'm not sure if you'll be able to race 1v1 online in this game, like the ds version, but hopefully you can, as it would make setting things up for such a league way easier, although 4-6 player racers per "round" might be the go. Until the game is released next week (PAL) we won't know the full options we could play with, but once we do we'd be able to start setting up each leagues structure etc.

    Some possibilities:

    1. 1v1 RACING: Each League has a Limit on Players, say, 32 racers per league, on a first in scenario. Each League could be divided into 2 conferences, and the top 8 racers from each conference make it to the finals/playoffs, in a traditional, 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5 style of format. This style of season would be all 1v1 races if possible.

    2. 4-6 Player RACING: If its possible to set up 4 player racing (no cpus involved, hmm) this style of season could see more games played, with more strategy involved, whether the best racer or most conniving racer wins. (Imagine 3 players against the top player working against that racer hehe) I'd much rather organize this with 4-6 players, than try to get 12 players to all turn up for a race at a certain time, be too hard to do, so the smaller the numbers the better chances it can work.

    3. TEAM RACING: If its possible, for say, me and 2 mates, to race 3 other people in a team, that'd make for a very fun, and strategic league. This style of league Could work in a number of ways, if Team racing is possible.

    a. Formula 1 Style: Racing for Points, and also for Team Points, and 1st placed at end of season wins, 2 things to win, Racer or team award.

    b. Offshoot of F1 Style, with each race splitting teams points up, and a finals/playoffs system based on this. So, Team 1 has a racer in 1st (9 points) and 4th (1 point), while Team 2 has 2nd (9 points) and 3rd (3 points), Team 1 would leave that race having won 10-9, and would be sitting higher on the ladder after that round. Top 6-8 teams make the finals etc etc.

    4. Premier League Style System: In case those in the UK/Europe wanted, they could have that league set up in a Premier League style set up, based on finishing 1st overall after each season.

    These are just some ideas, and depending on interest, some regions would need to be smaller than others. Season lengths would need to be discussed and everything else of course. Reason i think it needs to be regions, is simply lag, although, maybe the top racers from each region could race in an "All-star race" at the end of each season.

    I'll post this exact thing at blackcats as well, i'd love it if people wanted to get involved, although until of course we get the game in our hands, we wont know exactly what format/formats we could race in.


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    Aug 31, 2007
    Sounds like an interesting idea =D
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    May 7, 2006
    Could be an interesting idea. Cannot wait to buy this game!
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    Sep 27, 2006
    Out of the corner of your eye
    I like the idea ... and hopefully the game will be leaked this weekend (my sources tell me to expect it to appear at any time) ... thanks to the GAME Mario Kart Wii Event lol
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    I only have one thing to say if you want to avoid shitstorms :

    Or it'll happen again.
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    There is now a STICKY over here for Aussies to Sign up for the Aussie GBA Temp League.

    We're aiming to start racing League games from the week of 28th of April, giving us time to get numbers interested, sort out fixtures etc.

    Anyone else who is interested, especially if your from the UK/Euro, USA or Asian regions, and would like to run a league from that same region, let me know.