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    Hey guys, I'm a bit frazzled with the instructions for this.

    Heres the link,

    And I'm tryna' install Beans Custom tracks for 4.3u, Using smashstack.

    I did smashstack for hackmii loader only.

    I primarily don't know what to do because the readme doesn't come with beneficial instructions.

    Well here's what the readme says for smashstack


    Do not copy this to your SD card yet. Do this first:

    Go to the stage builder, move any existing custom stages on Brawl to your SD card, and exit the stage builder. Smash Stack will not work if the console has any custom stages on it, even the three samples that come with a new file or the stages from the Smash Service.

    Connect the SD card to your computer and rename the "private" folder to "privateold" in the root of the SD card.

    Now copy/extract the files in this ZIP archive and the data ZIP to the root of the SD card.

    Insert the SD card into the Wii.

    Go back to the stage builder and Riivolution should load.


    And the custom tracks zip file I don't know where exactly on the root of the SD card it should go..

    Yeah so this is a kinda noobish question but, I won't know where to put stuff on the root for the files, and won't move them till' I do.

    I believe it's a regular smash stack file, and as for the custom tracks zip its here (Incase you want to look at the files and tell me where they'd go.)

    Thanks again

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    I Hate Riivoultion,I used it one time now my Mario Kart Original Disc wont let me play online
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