Mario Kart 8 update problem - Unable to start game

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    Howdy! This is a pointless thread, so feel free to do whatever, admins.

    So, on USA firmware 5.3.2, spoofed to 5.5.0. Self-hosted hack. Using mario kart USA disc.

    I had been playing mario kart 8 for a while, then tried to update with whatever the latest was at the time, and it failed for whatever reason. Wouldn't let me start the game after that.

    My next steps were:
    - Deleted corrupt update
    - Downloaded latest update from Uwizard
    - Tried applying update
    - Try to start game with no internet, says "an update is required to start this software"
    - No option to just start the game

    I'm gonna try and get the update from NUSgrabber instead, and try and install the update that way. I probably didn't select the right options to get Uwizard to generate the right stuff to update via exploit.


    I updated my spoof to 5.5.1, and grabbed the latest update from the december 2015 NUSgrabber. That fixed the problem. Uwizard didn't default to the latest update, which is my fault for not paying attention. Lesson learned.
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    I always use new-nusgrabbergui. It never gives me the same issues as the other ones.