Mario Kart 8 item mechanics?

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    Mar 16, 2017
    Hey there guys!

    Well, I know many are trying and developing new hacks and mods for Mario Kart 8 on the WiiU but, don´t know if any already addressed that, but, it would be possible to change the item mechanics on the game?

    Not copying the ones they did with Deluxe and the double itens system, but, instead, go back to way things were in MKWii, with the option to get your item and "put it into the kart", releasing the slot

    It would change things only for Bananas, Shells and the Bob-omb but, I think it would help the game´s pace to have an even better approach to the classic Mario Karts, and, probably would only need small changes on the game´s code

    It´s just an idea but maybe someone already made something like this, let me know if this would be possible! :)