MapViewerDS update

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    MapViewerDS update

    Now with fancier GUI

    As usual, Mollusk has updated his DS map viewing application. This update comes with a much better looking GUI as well as few bug fixes.


    • 1. New GUI, looks better It's made by DayDream, and it's a WIP, I might add directories in that list to navigate throughout the whole card...
    • 2. Switched to a nice 8bit font instead of tiled font, looks better too. Names should fit in the screen better too. Spaced by 12 pixels instead of 8, should be easier to select the right image.
    • 3. Added a quick code to avoid the image jumping around when you try to let the stylus down without moving. So now you need to move by at least 2 pixels for it to register the movement. This makes the whole movement a bit less fluid when moving slowly, but nothing major.

    [​IMG] MapViewer DS + a few gif maps