Many recent eShop games don't work on official 9.2 firmware - Compatibility List?

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    Hey all,

    I've been using my original model 3DS for homebrew since Ninjhax came out, so I haven't updated it past 9.2. This, of course, meant I was locked out of the eshop, but due to the firmware spoofing browser hack which I discovered recently, I was finally able to access the eshop and buy some games. However, it soon became clear that many recent eshop games are unable to boot using official 9.2 firmware, as the demos for Ironfall Invasion and Puzzle & Dragons would get stuck on the 3DS splash logo if you tried to boot them. I have since purchased Xeodrifter and 3D Fantasy Zone II and run them without issue, but after redeeming Woah Dave from the humble indie bundle, I discovered that it was unable to boot. I also read that the updated version of Azure Striker Gunvolt fails to boot on 9.2, as well.

    I would like to know two things. One, is there any way to get around this issue without updating my system, and without using a Gateway? I would imagine it would be possible to install emunand on my system and install the games onto the emulated updated firmware, but the impression I get from reading guides is that this is an involved, risky process. Second, would anybody here be interested in helping to compile a compatibility list for recently released or updated eshop games on 9.2? I don't know if this is even possible, but if somebody has emunand installed, could they install various games to emulated firmware 9.2 and see if they still boot? This would really help eliminate the anxiety I currently have toward downloading new games from the eshop which might not work on my system.
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    You should be able to with rxTools emuNAND, it's pretty easy to set up emuNAND.