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    Hi guys´n´gals !. I´m a noob,so please,don´t throw rotten eggs on me here fellows. :mellow:

    I´m really into the idea of sucking out the most absolute amount of storage capacity on my 1st generation Wii console.-But i´ve been searching the net for weeks now for consistent and correct "basics",that is necessary for me to put together knowledge enough to purchase the right external harddrive/s,and moving on to a stage of actually beginning with the work(meaning: the tutorials !). As i went along,i´ve found that pure and clean facts are very time consuming to collect(where,for example Google,doesn´t seem to fully understand the profound difference between Wii and Wii U !). Contradicting information is a bitch also,and extremely time consuming. And It demands huge proprotions of power and patience too.
    Therefore,my point here is: I really,really hope that you can help me out here mates,and i would really appriciate any such working inputs !.

    My goal is to build me a real extensive (close to,complete)Wii game library,but in shape of software only. -One that could enable the biggest possible plethora of good and different titles,with immediate accessability without discs. My "strategy" is to begin with native Wii games(Retails/Wiiwares + perhaps,if possible,some Virtual consoles too). And,as far as possible,continue backwards along Nintendos "Memory lane".-Meaning a possible following by Gamecube games,and further back into N64 and SNES respectively.

    Well,here´s my questions

    1, To start with,i will use the maximum data storage capacity of the frontal SDHC slot,which means 32GB(?..).

    A,.. My wii is 100% softmodded. HBC and the other stuff will be stored at the same SDHC 32GB-card as a bunch of games,up to its max capacity (-But sure,i save some empty data space of 20-30 MB on the card, "as a friendly gesture to the reader",as always !) .

    QUESTION: Will this solution bring me any obvious issues ?.

    B,.. Hmm,..i´m not a big fan of the 32 gb limit from the SDHC standard cards.

    QUESTION: Is there any known hacks out there,which would enable higher data storage capacity via the SD-slot ?.Such as the modern SDXC-standard,with its 64 GB of max capacity,or any others ?.

    2, And now,for the USB´s !..

    A,.. O.k.,It´s really hard to get a clear picture of these storage issues,as a whole..

    QUESTION: To put it straight,what IS the actual limit for external HDD data storage for this little Wii cutie ???...-And i mean REALLY !. (Some sources claims that,as a matter of fact,aren´t any limits AT ALL !!.. O.K.,i may be a noob,but i know this: When it comes to technology,there´s a limit for EVERYTHING !..) .

    B,.. Well,i can imagine that there is some sort of a "floating limit" for that in this case,where the loading/processing times gets slower and slower,the higher the amount of TB it gets,right ?. So,i sharpen my definition then.

    QUESTION: What approximate number of TB should,I CONSIDER AS,a reasonable top limit ?.

    C,.. About the "USB compatibility list",that this website offers then: Well,to be honest,i´m not a big fan of it actually.. -It´s just all too much of serial numbers,factory codes,model specifications,and other very,very "geek:ish" facts,that i don´t have time nor power enough to dive in to.-While it´s not exactly hundreds of people who´d reviewed the listed devices,then rather about 2-3 peoples commenting on each device,and from who it also is hard to determine the real level of understanding for the subject from.

    QUESTION: Is it anyone out there who KNOWS some hard drive manufacturer/s that it is worth to "go for",and/or even plain model names/model numbers(those as are clearly stated on the box !) for the same ?. Also,if possible,vice versa/those hdd´s to stay away from,then ?. And,-sorry för repeating myself-, the fundamental importance of finding appropriate model/s,in terms of density of TB´s,not at least then !.. In my search on the net,i found ,for example,that 3 TB (and not ONLY,the USB 3.0 standard then !),really seems to be a lausy choice for The Wii. (..or ?..)

    D,... From "A system management point of view",is that any noob:ish aspects of the Wii´s abilities of handling/keeping control over,the different storage units,worth to consider ?. See below.

    QUESTION: When performing an estimation of the maximum space amount from the USB-storage media/s,should i include or exclude,the impact on the system brought from those 32 GB(?) that origins from the SDHC-slot ?.

    E,.. The HDD´s with the most highest density are pricey as shit !. As i look upon it,the only reasonable option for me is to aim for those with 2 TB of data storage,which are kind of affordable these days (there are some 3 TB:ers out there,with reasonable price tags too.But again,3 TB-versions are not good with the Wii,right ?!..) So,let´s say that the highest(or,rather the highest most appropriate,) total amount of data storage for the Wii,would be 8 TB then.

    QUESTION e1: Would the easiest(or even the only ?) way to reach up to that figure,simply be a connection of just an USB-hub,and from that one,using two or more external hard drives ?.

    QUESTION e2: Further than that,it seems that it is possible to even lock up the (by Nintendo,shutdown)USB 1-slot("USB 0" ?..). Or ?.. . (I´m aware of homebrews such as "Hermes" and "GX 2"). But there seems to be a lot of outdated info/many different editions and versions out there,so it´s hard to tell if the concept is applicable for me/my Wii or not !.-By the way,i am on "Custom firmware 4.3 E" here,on a black console. Besides that,for me,it generally appears to be rather complicated stuff to deal with for a noob person.

    QUESTION e3: Should i yet go for that solution ?. OR,perhaps,is it even necessary to do so for me,in order to fully take benefit from the Wii´s most optimal storage potential ?.

    QUESTION e4: (-IF YES-) So,let´s say i mod the USB 1 (0?) port for that purpose. Would that mean some other drawbacks regarding other functioning areas,such as affects on the ability to connect USB-accessories,interference with (any kind of)USB 2 operations,etc,etc. ,

    QUESTION e5: (--IF YES-), Can you please point out some good and UPDATED tutorial/s for this/these purpose/s for me ?.

    Now,let´s make a hypothesis kind of a scenario,in order to enlight "the big picture" here.

    F,.. O.k.,so,let´s say that i have an assumed,completed and accurate USB-configuration here,according to what i´ve been mentioned so far. -Which then would mean,two "free"/fully avaible USB-ports,and one or two possible USB hub/s. Also,we´re still holding on to the same figure as mentioned,regarding the maximum storage limit (for a decent functionality level)on Wii,namely 8 TB in total. -And the external HDD´s we´re playing with are still on 2 TB each (plus the SDHC with its 32 GB). ¤¤
    QUESTION f1 (based on this): How do i allocate the 8 TB of games(and perhaps,some emulators and so..) in the best possible manner ? ("Easy logic" would,of course,indicate that "Two USB-hubs,one on each USB slot,and with 2 x 2 TB´s on each",would be the best) .
    Hmm..(-Or,just in case,beeing more specific than necessary: Two 2 TB hdd´s x two 2 TB hdd´s,in one single USB hub =4 TB´s of storage value in one USB slot. And: 4 TB´s of storage value in one USB slot x 2 USB slots =8 TB in total USB storage value) ,..Sorry for the "Sesame Street" kind of methodology,presentation.¤¤¤ But,anyway,i´m afraid it´s more complicated than that though..or ?. .

    QUESTION f2: With the mentioned line up,or any other scenario that could concern the external USB-connected HDD´s,is there any particular facts,circumstances,measures or anything other i should know about "within that area" ?. -For example,something like, The correllation between the storage types,and/or,the input lines,minding to remember to combine/not to combine,any specific files/games/emulators or anything other,on the same storing unit,etc. ?.

    That´s the USB chapter !. (¤puh !..¤)

    3,Now,for the emulators and the roms/isos

    A,.. Some thoughts about the Gamecube compatibility then. Well,from an informative point of view,this is a nightmare !. At least two different emulators,where each of them requires special approaches for installation manners,and where both also has has different version numbers to bear in mind.. And such Youtube tutorials of different age too,that deliver contradictive instructions..Plus,what about those whole BUNCHES of .."LISTS of games that works".. !?.. ,What the heck ?!.. Wasn´t Wii originally able to play Gamecube games,as in native mode ?.Anyway,that is very hard to understand now though..(Actually,it slightly reminds of the similar situation as for ((the technologically complicated)) Sega Saturn,and its current emulation status..)

    QUESTION: Is there some really good AND updated tutorial/s for Gamecube emulation,that you can point out to me please ?. If possible,One(or more) that also "taking measure" for my need of building libraries of Roms/Isos,= BIG/many,downloading sessions.

    B,.. Another tough case: The Playstation 1 !. Seems to me as a similar case as with The Gamecube,even though it is much more understandable WHY this case(of a competitive´s console system),isn´t very user friendly..

    QUESTION: Same as the former,but where "Gamecube" should be replaced by Playstation 1.

    C,.. I have come to the conclusion that Pirate Bay isn´t the answer for getting access to huge blocks of Wii or Gamecube games,not at the time.

    QUESTION: Does anyone have any "banks" of isos/roms,to point out for me ?. One/more with no trojans,spy/malware,etc.,and with the possibillity of download bigger "chunks" of games,at the time ?.

    D,.. And: FINALLY !. One more question then..

    QUESTION: Does anyone has a clue if/when some emulator will show up,that enables some chances of playing
    Nintendo 3 DS-games on "old" Wii ?. Damn,i can´t even make the emulator for the ordinary DS to work !. -Meaning: No "Mario Kart DS",nor "Mario Kart 7"..(..maybe it´s time to find me a girlfriend instead,after all..) .

    Many,many Thank you´s,Danke´s,Merci´s,Spatsiba´s,Gracias,Grazie´s,Takks,and Tack,in advance for any help !.

    Kind regards

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