Many Problems with DIOS MIOS

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by NobleXenon54, Jul 1, 2012.

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    So, my Wii is up-to-date with pretty much every IOS out there. I installed the newests version of DIOS MIOS wad (For USB) twice. All of my loaders are also up-to-date; however, ever since installing DIOS MIOS, I cannot play Game Cube games at all. I tried the DIOS MIOS Booter like that one thread suggested to play it directly from disk; however, it either crashes to off mode or it is just a black screen. Yes, I removed the memory card, controllers, usb plugs, etc. to see if that was the problem. I also cannot install games from Disk to USB, but instead it goes to SD. The USB Drive in question is set correctly, first partition is FAT32 at 32k, primary and active. I've tried two different devices with no luck. I've moved the games folder from the SD to USB to try to play it from there; however, all of my loaders can see the USB game but cannot play from it. Also, all of my Wii games play just fine. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

    Would the DVDX installed long ago prevent any Gamecube games from working properly?

    Is there a way to install DML (For SD) instead of the currently installed DM (For USB) to see if I can get the game to boot off of SD?

    Is there a way to just get rid of DIOS MIOS entierly so I can play Gamecube games again if any future suggestions and the above fail?
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    Could be just an incompatible hard drive your using and regardless if all settings are correct it still will fail.

    dvdx has nothing to do with it.

    Install the dml wad you want to use with sd loading and it will overwrite the dm wad that is currently installed.

    You can get rid of DM completly and go back to stock as it pertains to gamecube games.You need to install BC-NUS-v6.wad and RVL-mios-v10.wad

    You can get them both from using modmii.
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    It's easier to get BC and MIOS from NUSD.
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    Any cIOS you may or may not have will not affect DIOS-MIOS or gamecube loading. Gamecube loading relies strictly on the MIOS and the BC installed. DIOS-MIOS installs to the MIOS, overwriting whatever you may have installed there. Whatever Wii games you play has no difference with gamecubes either. Not sure what the part about only installing to SD is, but that sounds like a problem with your loader, DIOS-MIOS has no say in where you rip your ISOs to. If you can read, please read this FAQ
    And make sure you aren't trying a problematic game
    then post to the MAIN DIOS-MIOS thread with any further questions,

    Like stated before me, try a different hard drive.