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Oct 4, 2004
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I was backing up my saves this morning and thought to myself;
"I wish this damn thing had bluetooth or something so I could quit fucking with the SD card reader and SD adapter."
Not just for backing up saves, but for managing games too.

It just so happened that I came across DSFTP last night and so I began wondering if I could use it to do exactly what I was thinking.

DSFTP can be found here: http://giesler.biz/~bjoern/en/sw_dsftp.html

Much like DSLinux and other homebrew apps, it will not connect to an AP that's not broadcasting its SSID.

After I set it up, I connected to it with SmartFTP and found that I could indeed see and modify everything on the card (unlike DSLinux where so far I can only seem to do stuff in the /linux/ folder but not the SD card's actual root folder).

So the next problem that came up is that the M3 Game Manager has no ftp support.
So I tried adding the ftp as a Network Place, but this Network Place wouldn't show up in the M3GM under My Network Places.
Next I googled "ftp map drive" to find a way to map the ftp to a drive (like you can map samba shares to a drive in Windows).

I tried the manual, h4x0ring Windows way, but had no luck: http://www.windowsitpro.com/Article/Articl...4486/14486.html

I tried a program called NetDrive, which lets you map ftp locations to drive letters, but it was slow and it seemed to work by using a cache on the harddrive. For example, when using the M3GM with it, the rom you try to send to it will be saved to your harddrive first (after being patched by M3GM), then you'll get a seperate pop-up from NetDrive showing that the file is being uploaded. It took 10 minutes to upload Lego Starwars 2 at ~33 KBs. Then when I restarted the M3GM, I tried to delete Lego Starwars, just to find that selecting the file made it popup another window in which it seemed to be downloading the game back to my harddrive. It showed the estimated time remaining as 35 minutes, so I cancelled it and uninstalled NetDrive.

I found another similar program (actually I think it's the successor to NetDrive) called WebDrive, but unlike NetDrive it isn't free. I tried the trial anyway, just to find that I couldn't even get it to connect to DSFTP or any FTP for that matter. I'm thinking this works like NetDrive anyway and probably uses a cache on the harddrive.

Found another program called FTP Drive, but it worked almost exactly the same as NetDrive. When selecting a game the M3GM, it locks up the M3GM and attempts to download the file, but also pulls up "IO operation" errors.

So, so far I'm not having much luck. NetDrive is the closest thing I've found to be working with the M3GM, but the fact that it makes you download the rom to a cache located on your harddrive makes it pretty much worthless time-wise, even if you just want to use the Saver Manager.

The slow transfer speed can't really be helped, I think. Weither transfering with either NetDrive or SmartFTP, both upload at about 33 KBs, although rise to 50 KBs if the DSFTP server goes into its screensaver mode.

So if the "downloading games to cache when selecting a game" problem could be fixed, I think this could be a decent way to manage saves (and small games and homebrew) wirelessly with the M3GM and without fumbling around with your adapters and card readers.

Any thoughts or other ideas?
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