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    Ok, people here will remember i built an arcade cabinet from scratch and used the wii as the MAME base.

    When I originally built the machine, I wired all the buttons as necessary to get the games to work like in a real arcade.

    I lost all the data on my SD card a while back and am just trying to get it back to normal, but i'm having a struggle with my button mappings when using MAME...

    The cabinet controls are just hacked gamecube controllers, and i could have sworn that 'R' used to be the insert coin button, but now it does nothing at all according to Wiibrew... in fact, i'm positive it was. and the B button used to be Button 1 and A button used to be Button 2, but now they're vice versa!

    i cannot for the life of me work out the MAME .CFG files, they're all to do with joysticks and keyboards and crap i think, as well as the settings in the emulator :S

    so basically, i need a hand, i need to know how to remap the gamecube controls in MAME V1.0 so that:
    1: The R button is Insert Coin
    2: The A button is Button 2
    3: The B button is Button 1

    I Seriously need this done by monday!! thanks to anyone that can help!
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    might I ask why Monday!!?