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    (Note: Currently, I am still working on V2 of the pack, as V1 was taken down due to including some files from the games romf, witch is illegal, hence why there are no example villagers, as I need to make a patch that doesn't include any files from the romf, though I am currently working on that. All the information in the post is for V2, as I have everything about it planned)
    (Note 2: I forgot I made this, hence why I haven't made a new pack yet. I have a new computer so I need to set everything up again. The thing that reminded me this existed was when I went to my moms town and saw every villager name was blank, witch is a side effect of me thinking adding characters to villager names was easy, its not, you need a tool to do it (same with items). Anyways, I'm going to continue to try and document Villagers in New Leaf as, from what I have heard and can tell, we don't know too much about them (An absolute nightmare for someone who hasn't done any rom hacking before) and since I have a goal of adding some new villagers and personalities and even dialog to the game (I know its possible (at least villagers and dialog) as the devs had to do so to make the WA update))
    (Note 3: I am still trying to find out what Constpack.bin does, as its, weird? It controls the house with some values, but others go ignored? And I think it also controls the jingle that plays when talking to a villager (the jingle that changes depending on species) and it also controls if the villager exist, though seemingly only for the Amiibo camera, but (from what I can tell) WA didn't change the file in anyway. Oh yeah, the game has also made it 100% more difficult to test constpack.bin due to the fact that, even from a freshly dumped cia, as long as I have luma patch Constpack.bin, it crashes the game. So yeah, this file is, well, a haunted blob of confusion to say the least)

    Incase you didn't know, theres a small community that makes custom villagers, and though there are a couple of tutorials online on how to do this, they don't tend to go too in-depth into the process, as nobody has really looked too far into how the villagers work in new leaf. I was kinda mad at this fact, so I dug around a bit and found out how to do some things myself, and decided to make this tutorial the best ACNL custom villager tutorial out there! I have even started modding the game myself to further make this tutorial better.
    I'm still working on the pack, so so far,I've only made a template texture for the Rabbit/Bunny/Hair or what ever you want to call it, though I am going to make ones for other animals in the future

    This will be updated over time, as I want this to be the best tutorial for making a custom villager!

    I am currently working on a patch that replaces Bonbon with a custom villager just as an example on what this pack lets you do

    Anyways, here's what you'll need:
    Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo. If you know what your doing, you can do this on the original with the Welcome Amiibo update, though currently, this assumes you have the WA version.
    A modded 3DS with Luma CFW and GodMode9
    Ohana 3DS: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-ohana3ds-tool.392576/ (download from the dropbox links)
    Any hex editor, I'd recommend HxD
    MSBT editor: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1242/ (you'll need to use this to modify some UMSBT files)
    Any image editor (I'd recommend Medibang paint)

    Anyways, the pack includes the entire tutorial!

    If your wondering, the tutorial includes the following things:
    How to obtain, and dump the Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo cia file
    How to change the textures of the villager
    How to change the name of the villager
    How to change the name the villager reacts to when using the megaphone
    How to change the pictures texture
    How to change the villagers favorite saying
    How to change the villagers dream
    probably other things I'm forgetting

    If your wondering what else I'm planning for the tutorial, I am currently working on the following:
    Changing Villager Personalities
    Adding Personalities
    Adding Villagers
    Changing Villager default items
    Changing Villagers style
    Changing Villager House model (I know how to, but not to the point I feel safe including it in the tut)
    Making a custom villager for Happy Home Designer (I don't think people have looked too far into HHD, so I'm on my own)

    also, I would greatly appreciate any help with making the template textures, as the rabbit one took quite some time.
    Oh yeah, if you make a custom villager, I'd like to see it!

    I will try to respond to any questions. Hopefully I don't forget about this, and just for good measure, I'm putting this on my home page.

    Pack versions:
    V1: the best guide sofar, though not good enough
    V2: Not released yet
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    I'm gonna be completely honest; There's so much wrong with the current state of this 'tutorial'.

    Firstly, while OnionFS is technically fine, people generally now use Luma's LayeredFS for modding, as 1) NTR itself has tons of annoying issues, and 2) nearly everyone already has Luma CFW, so it's easier to make people use that.
    Also while the whole point of this is to be 'easy', etc, you should really be linking to the tools required and not including them directly in the pack, especially without the creator's consent.

    Secondly, I see you're including files from the game's romfs directly in your pack. This is illegal as they're the property of Nintendo, and are certainly not allowed here on gbatemp. A way to avoid this is directing the user through GodMode9 to dump the game's files themselves, or, even better, creating a GM9 script to automatically dump ACNL's files.

    Thirdly, you can easily mod any version of ACNL, regardless of if Welcome Amiibo came pre-installed or not. The difference is you may need to dump some files from the update rather than the base game itself.
    So the BOLD CAPS WARNING you have going on is really not accurate information at all.

    Fourthly, there really isn't much info in this post at all in regards to making custom villagers, it all seems to be in your 'pack'. Which is fair enough, except (maybe this is just me) the info that is here is really hard to read, and generally all over the place. Some more attention to the formatting of the post would make it alot easier for people to follow, especially those not as 'technologically literate'.

    Lastly, editing specifics about villagers such as initial clothes, birthday, coffee preference, etc, hasn't really been looked into by the community afaik, and so, isn't really possible atm. I assume "ConstPack.bin" or "Package.bin" are the files that contain this info, but seeing as they haven't really been looked into much, you'll need to do your own reverse engineering to actually achieve what you want to do.

    Also, one thing to note: I hope you take all of this as constructive criticism and suggestions, I'm not trying to hate or anything like that. This can be a hard topic to try tackle, so, as a 'seasoned' ACNL Modder, I appreciate the effort. ^_^
    If you have any questions about ACNL's romfs file structure or ACNL Modding in general, feel free to DM me on Discord.
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    ive removed the Attached File can you do a version with out them and tell people how to get them with your tutorial.

    because the content you have is copyrighted material. sorry.
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    Thank you for the feedback.
    I am aware that LumaCFW has a built in game patcher, though I'm not exactly sure how to use it. The reason I'm using OnionFS is because when I was making my first custom villager (Patchs) thats what I found worked, though I am going to find a way to use Luma instead.
    Also, the reason I said it only worked on the Welcome Amiibo version, and not the update is because I tried doing it on my original copy, though it ended up leading to a complete system crash, though thinking about it, that could have been a conflict between my other mod I was using.

    Again thank you for the info, I am going to release a new version of the pack with better writting, and without the files from the romf, as I have no idea why I thought that was legal. (sorry if this was too professional, I'm not good at talking using computers and always over think things)
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    VERY cool kanye!

    EDIT: It's cool just to see anyone being active in the ACNL modding scene. I'd suggest a rewrite once you figure more out about Luma, there's already /sorta/ tuts out there for it but not on this site. Lookin forward to your future contributions to the site if you decide to make anymore!
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    (sorry for the late response)
    I've actually learned how to use Lumas patching function, though I haven't updated this to no longer have the download for OnionFS as I've been trying to document the way villagers work, and I've been trying to rewrite the tutorials to be more clear.
    Oh yeah, if your interested theres a discord server for animal crossing new leaf modding. Heres the invite link: https://discord.gg/EZSxqRr
    I occasionally go on it and either give modding tips that I learned the hard way, or ask questions in the rom-hacking channel.
    I'm surprised not many people have looked into the villager side of New Leaf, as villagers have the most modding potential. For example, I' trying to find out how to change villager personalities and even how to add new ones, as it would be fun to release a mod that adds new villagers and personalities instead of just replacing old ones, as the game only has 8 personalities, meaning you could have 1 of each personality in your town (something I somehow accomplished) witch makes the game kinda dry after you've played for a long time.
    Also, I'm planning on updating the tutorial soon, as I've learned how to change the villagers favorite saying, its stored in a file called "SYS_Motto.umbst" witch allowed me to finally change the saying of my custom villager to no longer be ironic, as they were missing an eye, and were replacing Bonbon, whos favorite saying is "Hindsight is always 20/20"
    I have also learned to increase the name size of the villager, and (with the help of Slatz) I found out how to increase the size of the pictures item name without messing up the other items bellow it.
    I have also discovered how to change the house model, though I haven't fully documented the file, and have discovered some values lead to a crash if changed to some values, and though that might seem bad, almost all my research on the file (ConstPack.bin) has been done by making the game crash, as that tells me that it has something to do with that part of the game, for example, some of the values in it crash amiibo camera if they are tempered with, but also make the villager show up as a different one in the cases it doesn't crash, but they are also in the original release, telling me they were merely re-purposed for amiibo camera.

    But yeah, if your curious in getting into modding new leaf yourself, all you need to do is dump the cia file, download a hex editor and your ready to go, the only other thing you'd need is a modded 3DS so you can see what each change does
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