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  1. CuriosityIsMyCourse

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    Sep 12, 2019
    After studying xbox file reference and access a lot of xbox games, I'm ready to start an suicide mission. I want to turn p i r a t e d games into playable games on a original xbox 360 (no RGH/JTAG or anything like this). I cant do this by myself, then I came here for help.

    PS: My point isn't p i r a c y, I'm just excited to do this, I'm curious after all.

    Here are my main ideas:
    1) Make any game playable by using the xbox local license.
    Pros: Any CD is envolved.
    Cons: I don't know exacly were the license is (on console or game), I THINK that it is storaged in game install device, because I plugged my USB in another xbox and the games still playable for all other users.

    2) Make a game DRM free.
    Pros: It is possible, an user named kill_seth has a shared folder with a lot of DRM free games, but it isn't a pirated game (Check game Magic)
    Cons: Envolves a lot of thing that I still confused.
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  2. CuriosityIsMyCourse

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    Sep 12, 2019
    Useful links:
    PS: I can't share link, so just Google this:
    [1] Kill_Seth shared folder (zippysahre)
    [2] Xbox 360 File Reference (arkem)
    [3] Free60Project/wiki/blob/master/ (github)

    Some important things:
    - Magic refers to "CON ", PIRS or LIVE file type. All Kill_Seth games are PIRS type, which don't require Microsoft verification;
    - KIll_Seth games has a modified header (byte 0x0 - 0x22C), which includes different Public Key Certificate Size, Certificate Owner Console ID, Certificate Owner Console Part Number, Certificate Owner Console Type, Certificate Date of Generation, Public Exponent, Public Modulus, Certificate Signature and Signature;
    - When you download a p i r a t e d game, it is LIVE type and it Certificate Owner Console ID is set to 00 00 00 00 00, thats an explanation for why download games are showed as "corrupted" (not sure if this is the real text, I'm brazilian, here is showed as "Danificado");
    - Byte 0x32C contains Header SHA1 Hash. The same game can have different values at this byte (tested with GoW: Judgment).

    I also have a Google Drive folder with all my test, links and other info. I'm ready to share with anyone who really want to do something.

    Sorry for my english
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    Oct 11, 2011
    You can't just make games DRM free or convert pirated titles into retail ones.
    It would break signatures which kinda defeats the purpose to play them on retail machines.
    By al means, please do but don't share pirated content on GBAtemp.

    There's a lot of DRM free content available for the 360.
    DLC that came with GOTY discs, Arcade discs with Arcade games etc.
    This should be a known fact lol.
  4. contezero

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    Jul 25, 2016
    This is very interesting.I'd like to have a look at this Seth folder but is not present anymore on zippyshare. Can you point me, also with a private message, to a link?
  5. pablo67340

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    Sep 23, 2019
    You'd have to RGH/Jtag your Xbox, or flash the DVD drive to read backups.
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