Major Wii scene breakthrough

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    Major Wii scene breakthrough
    modify Wii isos & re-sign them

    A major breakthrough has hit the Wii scene in the form of a program called Trucha Signer.

    This program allows you to modify the contents of a Wii iso and then re-sign it with an electronic signature the Wii will accept. Basically, in theory you could put anything you wanted into a Wii iso (or take out, eg: Wii updates) and by using this tool to re-sign it the Wii will not reject the altered disk.

    The author has also stated he is working on adding Virtual Console and Wii Channel support to the program. It would be within the realm of possibility that a way to run any VC game or Wii channel on your Wii would pop-up at some stage.

    The author states this tool was made possible through a system bug that compromised all of the Wii's system security. This bug is apparently easy for Nintendo to spot and the author alludes that Nintendo might fix this bug in a future firmware update as they have done with a previous bug not disclosed to the public. Fixing the bug would stop the signature Trucha Signer uses from working.

    So for now we advise not to update your Wii and wait and see how things evolve. What will be possible in time? We're not sure. Custom firmwares, changing Wii regions, editing games to remove updates, copy VC games you haven't bought to your system from an SD card... It's just speculation for now. Stay tuned.

    [title:readme]Trucha Signer 0.21 (

    This program let you extracts files, replace files, and
    insert a "trucha signature" in a Wii disc partition, the
    source data could be an ISO image or just be read straight
    from a DVD drive (backup copies).

    This program requieres the "common key" available in a
    Keyset in the window registry (use the example Keyset
    provide as a template and add keys on it).

    Credits goes to the original team that show this hack in
    the 24th Chaos Communication Congress: bushing, segher and

    Also thanks goes to marcan and nuke for the help and

    And the fucks goes to knobhead kids trolling around on IRC.

    Fixed in 0.21:
    -enabled replace files others than the ones starting in
    first H3 block

    -bugfix it
    -add support for LG GDR drives (for read original medias)
    -enable whole partition data replace
    -verify TMDs and Tickets from the cert chain
    -sign discs using custom private keys
    -WAD support
    -VC games/Channels support

    *Update* A way to enable gore in Manhunt 2 has already been posted in the discussion thread here.

    [​IMG] Download Trucha Signer v0.21
    [​IMG] Source

    [​IMG] GBAtemp discussion thread
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