Major VitaShell update adds USB storage option for Vita TV

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    TheFlow has released a major update to his VitaShell application that will please PS VitaTV owners. Starting from version 1.6, you can now mount a USB drive to your PS VitaTV as ux0. This means you don't need an expensive memory card anymore as everything is saved to your USB device. If you want to install a homebrew application or other data, you can mount the USB drive to your PC and transfer away. Due to different power requirements however, not all USB devices may work without an external power supply. Other additions are a theme selector and the ability to mount a Vita Game Card as a USB device. The full changelog is below, courtesy of @KawaiiAuroraA from wololo.



    - A database corruption error was fixed when mounting ux0 via USB
    - An insufficient memory error when mounting uma0 was fixed
    - Fixed a glitch in which pressing triangle in UNSAFE mode would crash VitaShell


    - You may now mount a USB mass storage device (pendrive/external HDD) to your PSTV/Vita TV via USB and use it as ux0! This allows you to avoid buying an expensive Vita memory card.
    - You can mount game carts as USB devices
    - Long file names now scroll
    - An option to refresh LiveArea has been added
    - Sort By option added
    - Various bug fixes
    - A theme selector
    - ‘Electron’ theme by Acemad, who won TheFlow’s contest is now a part of VitaShell

    You can update to latest VitaShell via the internal update feature or get the download link to the VPK below. If you appreciate TheFlow's work, you can get him a beer here.

    :arrow: Download
    :arrow: Source
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    Probably best comment of the year so far
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    I forgot
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