major request reguarding WiiSX and gundam battle assault 2

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  1. Tac 21

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    Feb 2, 2008
    hey guys whats going on

    k so like.... I know the wii is an underpowered system.... I want to know some things and if its possible...

    will someone pleasepleaseplease make a wiiSX work perfectly with gundam battle assault 2? if GBA 1 works and it took a couple of tries.... but GBA 2 works on the PSP... I KNOW that the wii is more then powerful enough to do it.

    dude I'll even pay them.... I'm not rich but like... I'll give you 30 or 40 bucks if you can make it happen. I NEED to have this game work perfectly on my wii so I can share it more effectively with my friends and get the scene going again.

    please heed my request, much love
    Tac 21

    PS bonus points i we can get goldeneye/perfect dark working on Wii64... but fuck it we do already have prefect dark for XBLA so its not as necessary.