1. pika23

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    May 16, 2008
    United States

    So I downloaded Whee! 2 DS last night, on to my DS fire card flash cart....try to play the game...and it freezes. And not only freezes, but frikkin corrupted my save files!!!! I go to my DSystems folder, and see about no lie 50 .sav files for the whee 2 game!!!! omg! I freaked because I'm a noob to the whole homebrew flash cart scene and stuff....someone told me that meant its a bad dump and to delete the Last save file and all the .SAV files and all would be cool. They were corect and all is now peachy keen is pikas ds land, but I thought I would bring this up in hopes that the game creators attempt to fix this bug somehow...and to warn others about this incase they have'nt got it yet as it was just released yesterday I beleive
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