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    Bayonetta.PAL.iNT.XBOX360-GXC got released although it was only an internal release so you can ignore it. A couple of releases after this but that should be up just after this.


    Should be region free which is odd for a sports game, AP2.5 will be surprising.

    An annual sports game and much like other such titles it features the same basic gameplay, new names and a few improvements (apparently this year it is the turn of pitching to get some work done on it along with a "complete fielding revamp"). There are few competitors to the "best baseball game" (much like most other sports games err genres) although in this case it is from another MLB licensed game that is a PS3 exclusive which is out around this time. What reviews exist are very mixed but you can read into that what you like (perhaps more so than other genres if you have just spent a year or more with one game it makes changing a bit hard).

    <b>Video</b> (early trailer)

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