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    Feb 4, 2016

    This tutorial will allow you to set up MailWriter on your PS Vita, and is a stepping stone for many other exploits.

    Here is what you require:
    • A Vita on an exploitable firmware that can use MailWriter (3.52 max)
    • Mozilla Thunderbird (not required but strongly recommended)
    • A registered email account on your PS Vita
    This tutorial will also describe use of MailWriter.

    Initial setup
    1. Download this writer.eml file and send it to yourself as an email.
    2. Open it on your Vita and touch the picture icon.
    3. You will be greeted with an error. Do not do anything else but press the PS button and close your email app completely!
    4. Congratulations, you have finished initial setup of MailWriter. You will need to set up your email account again.

    Dumping and writing

    MailWriter is powerful as in that it can allow both for dumping and writing any file (with some restrictions) from the Vita. If you want to dump a file, send yourself an email starting with" email:send?attach=" and then the filepath of the needed file, then embed it as a link. Make sure to end with a full stop. For example, "email:send?attach=vd0:registry/system.dreg." will dump the registry of the Vita.

    To write, rename the file you wish to #0 with no extension. Once done, email it to yourself with the path you want as subject and the #0 file as attachement. For example, a subject of "vd0:registry/system.dreg" will replace your current system registry with your modified system.dreg.
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