MagicFlash 256M usb seeking help

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    Mar 30, 2014
    Dear All,

    I've dug up this MagicFlash teal colored flash cart which I've used before. Picture are here, to clear up which model this exactly is:

    It's an usb based one, I think there'd been also LPT ones. I've tested numerous drivers from that came with different packages:
    │  ├───Win2KXP
    │  └───Win9X
    ├───magic flash v512
    │  └───dsgbaflssetup_1.6
    │  ├───Win2KXP
    │  └───Win9X
    Most of them came from
    I've also used a Chinese thing called "DSGBAFLASH" from this Polish forum

    I've tried installing the device both under XP and 7, this is the vendor and product id:
    VID_0547 PID_2131
    Whichever combination of usb ports/OSs/drivers I use to install the device, Windows replies with 'can't install this device', it feels as if the device just doesn't match with any drivers, and I delved pretty deep, got some drivers from as well and some Chinese sites, no game whatever I try - and I know this was working before - I've used it a few years ago. Does anyone have any idea what am I doing wrong?