Mages of Mystralia kickstarter ending soon

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    I think this is the right forum for this.

    Just wanted to drop some news here about the game Mages of Mystralia, whose kickstarter ends in about 4 hours at 10:59AM CDT today (4-15-17). It's a very great looking game by Borealys Games with work from Ed Greenwood (creator of Forgotten Realms fantasy world) to create the world, lore, and story, and music by Shota Nakama (Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 2.5HD remaster, creator of the VideoGame Orchestra).

    This game was already essentially in a complete state, but they decided to launch a kickstarter campaign to add more content and make it an even more polished and filled out game. Has a very unique magic casting system that lets you create your own spell combinations, and has been compared to games like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

    EDIT: Adding some gameplay vid links below.

    Gameplay (humorous commentary)
    Much more of the spellcrafting in sandbox
    Longer gameplay (2 parts)

    If you're interested in backing them, now's the time. They also have a physical Limited Run PS4 copy of the game that you can get through this kickstarter as well, among a lot of other collectible items if you're a game collector. Most of the physical items can be added on separately if all you want is those.

    Here's where to go if you're interested in checking them out:

    Also, if you feel like it, you can also check out and "Like" their game and dev team pages and subscribe to their youtube channel for news (easy as clicking a link then a button, no commitment required), and it also unlocks their community goals (see pic in spoiler). They're trying to get 2 more to unlock the digital Zia wallpaper. You can check those out here:
    Community Goals

    As someone who was previously let down by Comcept and Mighty No. 9, I almost walked away from kickstarter projects forever, but this game and another called Battle Princess Madelyn (a Super Ghosts and Ghouls series homage) actually look like really excellent games. They also have demo gameplay if you wish to check them out.
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