Maestro alpha v1

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    Maestro alpha v1

    By DevilDog

    DevilDog has released the first public alpha of his new DS homebrew app Maestro, this is an Electroplankton-like "game" that allows you to make different sounds by touching different parts of the touch screen.[title:Maestro alpha v1]Presentation:

    Maestro, koikecé? bah let us say that I have to force the amount with Electroplankton a little too much, and seeking an idea of project with a simple and evolutionary concept, bah I am to turn over towards the kind “musical creation” (by admitting that a kind of this type exists ).
    I have to try to recreate minis limps of music, to make some attempt at mix…
    Thus veiled Maestro is, finally the first steps of Maestro are
    The interface is voluntarily minimalist, not that I is flemmard (though …) but one is to listen and make listen, therefore the image is not my concern. Can be that certain will find that this idea is absurd, personnelement I find that that gives a seal in more to this kind of application.

    Gallery of image:

    The screenshot of the play all alone acts as gallery of image to him


    27/07/2007: Release of the version Alpha 0.001 for general public[​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source