Madden 11 was working off USB Loader GX but now black screens

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Nealla30, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Quick summary is that Madden 11 was working fine off our 2 Tb External Hard Drive using USB Loader GX. (Softmod by Mauifrog on WiiHacks. Great Guide!!)
    However, it has now stopped working. Black screens. Nothing else. Reset the Wii, go back to USB Loader GX, and all other games are fine. Madden 11, however, just black screens.

    The one thing that has changed is that I did a Drive to Drive copy because we got a second Wii and a second Hard Drive. (don't ask! Spoiled rotten kids!)
    I wanted to copy some games from HDD 1 to HDD 2 and used the Drive to Drive feature of WBFS Manager. Which I have used before with no issue.
    Ever since I did the Drive to Drive copy of about 10 games, all games BUT Madden 11 work fine. Madden 11, however, now does not work off either Hard Drive.

    Any thoughts? Thinking I am going to have to delete the game off the HDD via USB Loader GX and then "start over" with the original disk but hoping not!
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    Are you using WBFS format system, I found that some games stopped working (worked fine when first put on the drive) then later when trying them the odd one would not work.

    To solve the issue completely I changed my file system to FAT32 and updated the GX .dol to rev 921.

    The only way to repair the games was to rip them again (for this I use a small 40gb hard drive as FAT ripping on GX is not always successful – to make it more successful in the settings for GX set - use NO fat directories, this seems to work slightly better when ripping to a FAT drive)