m3i zero GMP-Z003 not working on NDS PHAT :(

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Dis, Oct 19, 2010.

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    I own an old NDS PHAT.
    I got an m3i zero GMP-Z003 from gbatemp shop
    but it wouldn't work on my NDS PHAT.
    Anyone with the same thing manage to get it working? [​IMG]

    I got the core and the system file from here

    and i use the fragile usb power thingy and watch it blink red untill it ends.
    and then i start my nds with it

    and then i select slot 1 "Alex Rider Stormbreaker Thq" and I get the white screen of eternity [​IMG]

    try sakura system but get the same results.
    formated my microSD card in FAT and FAT32 many times.
    and tried 3x different microSD cards.

    Not NDSi for me to try.
    Anyone has any solutions?
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    So after 8h of the internet.
    It appears that the problem is due to "Flashme" which I installed on my DS PHAT some 6 years ago or something.

    Now I need to remove Flashme and use back default NDS PHAT FW.