M3DS Real on the way ... up-to-date tutorialize me pls

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Hanafuda, May 18, 2009.

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    OK, my M3DS Real bundle should be here tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm an old geezer and haven't been following the goings-on here for a while cuz my SCDS1 was trouble-free and I gave up on Wii chips after my first modded Wii chewed up its own drive gears.

    Anyway .... please help me not to screw up with my new M3. From taking it out of the box, based on your experience, what are the do's and don'ts? I've got "[5391]SAKURA1.35X_4.3C.zip" which I downloaded from here and which appears to be the current favorite. It unzips to a folder named "SYSTEM" - does this just get copied over to the root directory of the microsd, and that's it? How do I add r*ms to the microsd - - just raw r*ms, both GBA and DS? And more importantly, are there special names I need to use for game folders. Are there any special things I need to do to get Sakura running properly on an M3 Real out of the box (i.e. a firmware overwrite or anything like that)?

    I tried the stickied thread "New M3DS Real Guide", but there's no guide and even if there were it might be outdated. I also read the stickied Sakura thread, but it didn't tell a M3 newb like me what I needed to know.

    Your assistance is appreciated. Thanks.
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    basically if you have the MicroSD card already, you can pretty much set everything up while you wait for the M3 Real to come

    anyway, you copy the SYSTEM folder too the root dir
    next you should create two folders, one called NDS and the other called GBA (only create this folder if you ordered the perfect bundle version with the GBA Expansion Pak)
    and all you do is put your unzipped/unrared roms files in the appropriate folder

    and thats about it, your set, all you have to do is slide the card in the M3 read, and insert the cart in the DS and your good to go
    a boot up screen will have 2 options, choose sakura, (the other options is the old M3 firmware before sakura, you shouldnt need it unless a certain homebrew or game or function doesnt work in sakura)
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    "It unzips to a folder named "SYSTEM" - does this just get copied over to the root directory of the microsd, and that's it? How do I add r*ms to the microsd"

    Yup, that's pretty much it. Actually if you are using the Sakura firmware you just need to install the .exe on to your PC then hit Install Sakura from the menu then you're set to go.

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