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    Apr 22, 2009
    United States
    Well, after updating my M3DS Real to the Latest Firmware, i had problems with the Wi-Fi on Pokemon Platinum.

    Basically, if you went into the Wi-Fi Plaza, noone would be online, and if you went into the battle room in the Pokemon Center, everyone who had your friend code who was online would be disconnected and wouldn't be able to get back in until you left.

    So basically you couldn't use Wi-Fi.
    You could get on, but couldn't use it.

    Now, Download booting the ROM from the M3 menu didn't make a difference.
    Resetting my game and getting a new Friend Code didn't work.

    Everything i tried, and i tried everything would not work, so i ended up getting M3's Sakura Firmware.

    I must say, i've been VERY impressed.
    It has agreat layout, and miraculously, my Wi-Fi was fixed and i could battle again.

    This might not help anyone at all, but i wanted to post it, because that way, if anyone else has the same problem as i did, they wont have to go through all the stuff i did to fix it [​IMG]
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