M3 Simply with Taiwan Kingston 1gb

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by thousand1, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. thousand1

    thousand1 Member

    Jan 2, 2007
    I haven't found a definite answer besides there's a 99% with the R4. so if someone can post results then thank you.
  2. amptor

    amptor Banned

    May 2, 2003
    United States
    I own one Made in Taiwan Kingston 1gb and PoR has the freezing issues, but you can get around them if you play it carefully enough. I would suggest buying the 1gb kingston only if you can get it for $10 or less including shipping. I got mine for somewhere around $5 after rebate and I don't really care that PoR crashes on it so much for the money. $5 is a steal for a gigabyte of memory stick.
  3. iamwhoiam

    iamwhoiam Honorary R4 Fanboy

    Dec 27, 2006
    Hull/Manchester, UK
    The R4 has exactly the same capatibility with the M3... what you read from R4 applies. And regarding POR, there's about 50+ messages floating around already. But basically to sum all of them down: it's hit and miss.
  4. undyingforce

    undyingforce Advanced Member

    Jul 1, 2006
    United States
    is the A-data 1gb better than the Kingston japan micro SD?
    is the A-data the card that rules them all?
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