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Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by siliconslave, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Oct 10, 2006
    i'm using a m3 lite with 1gb sandisk card and i'm trying to get my head around how the saveing works. It seems to be fine if i run game a play through turn it off then try and start game b next time, at which point it prompts me as to where to save the game from game a and starts game b, but if i try and play game a back to back it doesn't update the save fine so when i come to play, and restore the save it messes up? is this right, or am i doing something wrong?

    I don't think i can bare to play through the first level of trauma center AGAIN! [​IMG]

    NB, would it make a difference if i've re-named the NDS rom, but not the save? maybe thats the problem

    if someone could run me through the way the saves are supposed to work it would be great [​IMG] cheers

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    Do a search on the topic. Yes it does make a difference if you rename your ds rom and not the save. And it still probably won't work if you rename both the savs and the ds rom the same name. Easiest and safest way to work with saves is to use the m3 game manager. You want to rename a rom? Fine, rename it and then patch it directly with the game manager and that makes sure the proper save that points to the correct rom gets put into the NDSSAVE folder.

    The proper way the process goes is you play a game, save then when you shut off or reboot back into the main m3 menu, it will automatically flush your sram (if the autosave feature is turned on) and store the appropriate save to the game you just played. If autosave is not on, you can push select on the rom name and use the m3's GUI to retrieve the save from the sram manually.
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    I've always just used the save functionalities of the games itself, but now I'm trying to find out what other possibilities there are.

    1. So the M3 has an auto-save function, which kicks in after shutting down the DS, right?
    2. If you boot the game with SELECT then, it loads the auto-save game, right?
    3. This works for both DS and GBA games?

    4. For GBA games, if you have selected the checkbox with the M3 Game Manager, you can also quick save by pressing 'L + R + A + B', right?

    This is something I read on the M3 adapter website:
    5. What do they mean by that/how does that work?
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