M3 Real won't boot anyting and keeps crashing

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by jweaver, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. jweaver

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    Aug 28, 2007
    I have been using GBC/GBA/DS 'adaptors' ever since they were conceived, so I am not a complete Noob.

    My current card is an R4 and am very happy with it.. But a number of people wanted me to sort them out with someting similar and after months of waiting for stock to arrive at DealExtreme, I went for the "M3 Real"...

    And how glad am I that I have the R4, as the M3 software is HORRIBLE!

    Anyway... I downloaded the 3.3 firmware and popped it onto an SD card, added some games and expected it to work.. But it doesn't.

    If I scroll right to the end of the list of games, it locks up..

    If I select a game and try to run it, it also locks ups.

    Now considering that there is no documentation and the software is 'horrible', I just wonder if I am overlooking something... I will spend some time on this later to try and work it out, but I just thought I would ask whether there were any 'gotchas' with the M3?

    I really hope that the "Sakura" firmware is going to be a massive improvement, as I was hoping to keep one of these M3 for myself, to take advantage of the SDHC support.

    I look forwards to your suggestions

  2. tguellich

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    Jan 24, 2008
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    Completely format the SD card an try again. Sometimes they glitch a little. Also, check out the sticky guide at the top of this forum page, make sure you have the file structure correct, that can screw you all up. Specifically, what kind of SD card are you using?