1. R2DJ

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    Jan 30, 2008
    I'm considering both of these because they do the following (correct me if I'm wrong):

    - ability to play GBA games
    - Rumble feature
    - RAM for Opera

    Both of them have the same features. I've read some reviews and they both look good to me (except for the following)

    For the GBA part:

    - I read in some post that Minish Cap only saves and it doesn't load a save file
    - RTC is not that OK (for Pokemon games and such)

    For the rumble part:

    - Noisy?

    If there's a better slot-2 solution, can you tell me what it is and will it work with most of the flash carts (R4, DSTT, CycloDS)?
  2. Joe88

    Joe88 [λ]
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    Jan 6, 2008
    United States
    I dont think the 3-in-1 has RTS (real time save)
    some correct me if im wrong
    the 3-in-1 is more noisy then actually rumble as the reviews said, have friends that actually said this, they turn the rumble off because its more of a con

    and yes both zelda gba games dont save
    I havnt messed with the RTS yet for it, but for other games works fine
    RTC doesnt really effect gameplay for pokemon, just a few timed events that arnt needed to play the game
  3. Urza

    Urza hi

    Jul 18, 2007
    United States
    M3 Perfect Expansion Cons:
    - Need to carry seperate carts for Rumble and GBA/Expansion
    - No NORflash
    - Have to use the M3 Real to get RTS and NDSGBA linkage

    EZFlash 3 in 1 Cons:
    - Rumble is loud
    - No RTS

    The EZF3in1 is the superior choice for the most part, unless you really need RTS (which requires the slot-1 M3 Real, not a particularly good slot-1 cart imo).
  4. Destructobot

    Destructobot Crave the Hammer

    Oct 15, 2006
    United States
    Are you sure? GBA ExpLoader allows NDSGBA linkage in PSRAM mode with the 3-in-1 (you just choose a game and press select), I don't see why it couldn't do the same with the M3 GBA expansion.

    You would still need a slot 1 cart that supports soft reset from GBA ExpLoader though; the NOR in the 3-in-1 allows for linkage with any slot 1 cart or even retail DS games (except for Pokemon).

    Speaking of Pokemon, you can link a GBA pokemon game on the 3-in-1 to a patched Diamond or Pearl rom on any slot 1 flashcart. With the M3 GBA expansion you can only link pokeymans with the M3 Real.
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