Hacking M3 real not booting up? My experience so far.


Jan 7, 2008
United States
Like I said in an earlier post... my new M3 Real seems a tad flimsy in construction. The plastic case I mean. While feature wise it is GREAT and I do not for once have second thoughts about it.. I really wish they would improve on it.

Now. On to the topic at hand.

Today I popped out the M3 Real to show someone what it looked like. I have removed it only a few times in the past couple of weeks. Namely because I want to expose this thing to as LITTLE 'handling' as possible. I want it to last.

I put the M3 Real back in. The NDS would not boot the M3. It could not see the card in Slot 1. My first thought was 'oh #$%, I broke it'. Flimsy sunnuvagun.

I put it back in. No dice. Still wouldn't boot the M3. The DS booted up not seeing a Slot 1 card.

Tried it another 3 times. Out came the M3. I looked it over. It looked the same. Put it back in. Carefully. Still no boot up.

I sighed.. popped out the SDHC memory card, looked at it. It looked fine. Put it back in. Again, the M3 wouldn't boot up.

Ok.. I then noticed. The SDHC card ,when inserted into the M3 seemed a little 'questionable' It is hard to explain. It had an odd 'feel' to it. Being a computer guy and an systemsadministrator.. I mess with hardware all the time, and something just didn't seem to be fitting quite right. I suspected the SDHC was not making proper contact in the M3 Real.

I CAREFULLY removed the SDHC again. Then CAREFULLY lined it up and slid it back into the M3 Real making sure it was on SQUARE, STRAIGHT, and EVEN. Apparently the SD card, if not lined up exactly on mark, has the 'potential' to not make perfect contact. The sucker is so darn SMALL, its tough to know if it makes contact. There is no click to tell you it is in place.

Anyway.. without rambling on and on.

The M3 Real booted up just fine after I was cautious when inserting the SD card into the M3.

So... a word to all those out there thinking their M3 Real is dead. It may not be. Check the seating of your SD card.

Also, be CAREFUL when inserting and removing your SD card. Over time... too many insertions may lead to problems. Who knows. Maybe it won't. Don't force the SD though. Better safe than sorry. Treat it like its made of crystal


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