m3 real/gba wifi and crash

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    Hello I am using a m3ds Real with a ds lite. I tried using download play when I booted a nds rom(mario party) my friends could find me and the joined and then it started to download to their ds. After it was done it went to the Nintendo screen and froze their ds. I just found that there was a button (Y) and it says download play, do I use that to play other people. If my problem relates to something else help would be appreciated. Also the wifi went to red to green back and forth on the little wifi icon that looks like a cell phone tower type thing. Also I was able to trade pokemon in diamond version with no problem.

    Is there any to play wirelessly from a gba rom on the ds to a gameboy advance sp. Like if I had a pokemon emerald game on my nds and my friend over here has a sp would we be able to play the game together?
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    download play and wifi take up more power, which is probably why your led was changing colors. it was telling you that your nds needs a charge. when you turn off download play or get off line it will often go back to green for a bit. so don't judge based on what its doing, just know if it blinks red its in low power. you are asking questions about download play, info for your specific flash kit would be better posted in the right section or on the official m3 forums. i can't comment on your kit, i don't own it nor have i used it. gba games never had a wireless feature, so no its not possible.

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