M3 Pro, Supercard Lite or/and M3 Simply IN ADDITON

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by ELVIS777, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Hello to everyone,

    I'm quite new here to this board and yet i need a little advice from u guys [​IMG] . I own a NDSL with a M3 perfect and Passcard 3. However i recently bought another NDSL, primarily for my grilfriend, cause she has always taken mine [​IMG], but also to have the space for more apps. That's why i'm planning to buy at least another flashcart right now. And i hope u could help me with my decision which one to buy. BTW on my M3 Perfect i'm loving to play and to experiment with homebrew programms, especially playing ScummVM games and reading comics with Comic Book DS, which need both a lot of space, so there's not much room left for GBA and NDS Roms. My questions now are:
    1. How compatible is M3 Pro with homebrew?
    2. Is the Supercard Lite really more compatible to homebrew then the M3 Perfect/Pro is?
    3. Does function multi card multiplayer from M3 Perfect to Supercard Lite?
    4. Does function multi card multiplayer from M3 Perfect to M3 Pro?
    5. Especially does function multi card multiplayer from M3 Perfect to M3 Simply?

    6. How good is the download play from the M3 Simply? I know there are some problems, but which games actually do work? Maybe someone has already some experiences?
    6. Can i boot from M3 Simply to Supercard Lite / M3 Pro?

    My Intension is, that i have one gadget only for homebrew (emulators and stuff), one for gba and nds roms, which is actually my M3 Perfect and one only for NDS Roms so i can play multiplayer with my girlfriend or others (i know, its alot of money, but hey i love this console [​IMG] ).
    Well, i know there's alot of questions, but i hope someone will help me anyway [​IMG] . Thank you beforehand and excuse my english [​IMG] .

    Greetings to all of you

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    1.) Decent, but SCL is better.
    2.) Simply put, yes.
    3.) Its not the flash cart, its whether the DS is flashed or not, but since you said multi-cart, then yes.
    4.) Yes, it does 'function'
    5.) Yes, it does 'function'
    6.) If its Unflashed to Flashed DS, it works flawless. Otherwise, subpar.
    6.) Yes

    In your case, I would just get a Supercard Lite. Rather then a M3 Pro. Its just a better deal, you get good homebrew support, and decent GBA support. M3 for NDS, SCL for homebrew and some GBA.
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    Jan 4, 2007
    Gambia, The

    Damn, I knew using the translator from abacho.de wasn't a good idea, should have stayed with my own english knowledge [​IMG] .
    Anyway, thx for your fast reply. Only to make sure, if i'll buy the M3 Simply or the Supercard Lite, doesn't matter which one, i can play NDS Roms in multi cart mode with the NDS Roms on my M3 Perfect on two unflashed DS, right? So i can't go wrong if i'll buy a M3 Simply for the NDS Roms and a Supercard Lite for the homebrew stuff. That will cover all my needs having more space for homebrew and being able to play multiplayer with others at the same time?
    Then I got one more question to bother you with: Does the M3 Simply boot from a Slot-2 device without a micro sd card inserted?
    Thx again for your fast help.

    Regards ELVIS777