M3 Perfect not working.

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    So, my M3 Perfect MiniSD was working fine up until a couple of weeks ago. Now I can't get any games to load. I have tried 4 separate SD cards. (all 2 gig) If I format in FAT, the system menu works, but all games load to full, then flash to a white screen. If I format the card in FAT32, I just get a black screen after the GBA logo. I can't think of anything that would have changed in the last couple of weeks to make it go from great to *poof* like this. I have even tried half a dozen different system versions. All of which seem to give the exact same results. Any input would be appreciated.

    Update: Switched out for a 1 gig SD card. Seems to have done the trick when it is formatted in FAT. Still loads to a black screen in FAT32. None the less, an improvement.

    Update 2: Seems to be a bent pin issue. Will try, and go in manually later.

    Update 3: Not sure if a soul has looked at this other than me, but it died. [​IMG] No more M3 perfect for me.