M3 Perfect mini-SD vs M3 Perfect SD (Slim)

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    Ok, just to let you know, this is my first purchase for these things. (I've done a lot of research on one night.. I'm so tired.)


    I put a "vs" in the title because any other words would have not fit.
    I can clearly see the difference. One uses mini-SD cards and the other uses original SD cards. What I want to know is there any other differences like size, weight, and functionality (the SD slot location, etc.)

    Also I would like to know which M3 cart you bought (between these two) when both of them were released.


    edit-Can you do a FlashMe with a Passcard3?
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    M3 Perfect mini-SD
    - top loading
    - uses miniSD
    - smaller than the slim

    M3 Perfect SD (Slim)
    - side loading
    - uses regular SD
    - small, little bigger than GBA cartridge

    ..and therein lie the differences! Functionality is IDENTICAL.