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Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Tenkaichi, Mar 17, 2007.

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    I did some searching but I couldn't come up with a lot of answers to my question: Is anyone having issues with the speed of the music in their PocketNES emulator? (recent version) It varies from game to game - in some games the sound speed is perfect, in others (i.e. Ninja Gaiden, Shadowgate, Gauntlet) the music in the beginning and in-game is noticably slower than it should be. I used to have a previous version of PocketNES that ran perfectly on my EZFlashIII with some of these roms and did not have this problem. My PocketNES has a total of 33 nes roms, but I tried loading PocketNES with two roms and there was still a speed issue (in the music).

    Will enabling the (PPE? I think) speed hack for each game fix this problem, or am I missing out on something? I've also heard that the M3 Perfect Lite is "slow," but I'm not exactly sure if that's being applied to the NES emu, the GBA roms or both. Thanks!
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    maybe something to do with the micro sd card? Also make sure you have the latest version and see if the homebrew supports the card fully.....aka special patching/setting to make things work right.