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    Jul 31, 2007
    Hi i have just ordered a M3 Perfect Lite from gameyeeeah, and its on its way. However after searching through these forums and many others i have a few questions i hope you all could help me with. i currently have a EZ 3 in 1.

    1) Does the M3 Perfect Lite have NOR memory like the 3 in 1?
    2) Will i be able to save an turn my DS off and start the game again without it being deleted?
    3) I want to have loads of GBA roms on a 2GB memory and be able to play on certain games whenever i feel like it without the saves getting corrupted or anything will i be able to do this?
    4) My kids currently play pokemon fire red on the Ez 3 in 1 but they want to play pokemon emerald i understand will have to patch it and it has no real time clock events, one of the main reasons in buying a M3 Perfect lite was because it has a Real Time Clock, what i would like to know is will i have to patch the pokemon games like i did on the 3 in 1?, i want the real time clock events to work.
    5) Is the M3 Perfect drag and drop?
    6) When i bought the M3 Perfect Lite i didnt get the passcard with it but i understand the Acekard 2 or the M3 Simply will work as a Passcard is that true?

    Any more info would be great, i will be using the M3 Perfect only to play GBA games as i have a Acekard 2 and a M3 Simply
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