m3 perfect gba-nds linkage

Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by migles, Jun 24, 2015.

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    Sep 19, 2013
    I just found out the m3 perfect got a really neat feature, gba linkage, i can select a gba rom to link with a nds rom all in the same card!
    pretty impressive...

    however apparently the m3 client is not aware about pokemon linkage, it doesn't patch the pokemon games... (tried with my own dumps, downloaded roms, even the japanese one...)
    i tried to patch using pokepatch tools (which works with ez-flash cards) but they seem not to work with m3..

    i wanted to use this really neat option on the m3.. but i am stuck..
    @FAST6191 got any ideas what i can try?
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