M3 or SC?

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    Sep 16, 2006
    I'm waiting to get a DS-X or whatever else is out in the future when they have them back in stock. In the mean time I wanted to get a slot two solution. I will use this to play GBA games and some homebrew and use it in conjunction with the DS-X in the future.

    What am I best getting? I have a DSLite. I want the one that's easiest to use, less work required to get games to work. I want to be able to play NDS games till I get the DS-X and want something that is constantly being supported. If I have problems which one am I most likely going to have trouble fixing it or getting help online?

    Also any idea which one works best with the DS-X or other slot 1 solutions? The DS-X acts as a passcard right?

    Also, where can I get one in the UK from QUICKLY! I want it for a plane ride in 10 days.
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    If GBA compatibility is really important to you all in one package with your DS cart, then get the M3Lite. I personally use the SupercardLite, but I tend to stick to old-style GBA flashcarts for my GBA playing. The SupercardLite does GBA well enough for me, but its doesn't handle GBA as well as the M3 does. Both do NDS fine - I give a small edge to the Supercard for NDS performance, but it's a small margin and that's just my opinion.

    I know DS-X had some trouble at first being able to act as a nopass for the M3 though ... you might want to wait for someone to confirm that DSXteam took care of that. I'm sure even if they still haven't corrected it they will though.

    edit: By the way, once you get that M3Lite or SCLite (this is true for both of them) you might be surprised to discover it works so well at running NDS games that you don't need to be in any hurry to get a Slot1 type cart.
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    you probably want to get an SC or M3 lite that can play gba games, ones with the ram. This will allow you to play games that need the ram cart in the future
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    Nov 29, 2006
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    Aug 3, 2006
    Just use the search, you find at least 10-20 argumentations regarding this same subject. The issue is completely subjective and depends on the person's needs. (I don't try to be mean, just help you the best I can [​IMG])
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    Aug 18, 2005
    Clearly M3 [​IMG]